FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This section gathers the answers to the questions most often asked by our customers concerning our products and services.
• Comment définir les paramètres de test en rigidité, isolement, continuité?
- normes
- Exigences clients - accords de gré à gré
- Le type de DUT
- …
• Fréquence de la vérification périodique d'un appareil SEFELEC ? Recommandé un an
Selon procédure qualité interne client
(risque sur la production et rappels de produits)
• Comment connecter un poignard et autres types d’accessoires. - Vers échantillon client - Exemples - Phase neutre reliés… - CO183 + TE81
• Comment relier un Synor / XS avec un PC en RS232, IEEE, ETHERNET….
- manuels
• Comment installer Winpass et configurer Windows (adresse IP et protocol internet) - extrait de notice
• Différence entre le Delta I et le Imax et le FIMAX ? Voir DD
- Voir Notice
- Faire NA
• Comment obtenir une offre de prix pour un produit, une formation ou un contrat de maintenance?
Faire demande sur Quotation
• Quels sont les types de contrats de maintenance ?
SAFE/ADVANCE/POWER (brochures à refaire) lien vers téléchargement
• Comment obtenir une offre de prix pour une prestation de service après vente: réparation, métrologie, , intervention sur site: produit, une formation?
Faire demande sur servicesefelec@eaton.com


• How do I get a price offer for a product or training?

Please send your request by email to the address quotationsefelec@eaton.com .
You can also fill out a form on the contact page of this site.

• How to receive a quotation for an after-sales service: repair or metrological control?

Please send your request by email to the address servicesefelec@eaton.com
You can also fill out a form on the contact page of this site.

Where can I find the manual of my device in digital format?

The instructions of our devices are available online on this site in the "download"  area.
The link is also present with each product sheet on our site.


• My XS series device cannot start a test?

Please check that the supplied C5 connector is in place on the back of the device.
If your equipment is connected to a safety loop, please check that it is closed.

• How to define the values of the test parameters in rigidity, isolation, continuity?

- According to the application of a specific or generic product standard (for example: EN61601 for medical equipment, EN60335 for household electrical appliances, EN60204 for industrial machinery...)

- Depending on the equipment under test: Finished product, component, materials ...

- According to the requirements of your customers

- agreements by mutual agreement

For example: the machine directive, for a device connected in 230V / 400V, imposes the following tests and test parameters:

- Dielectric strength or hipot test: 1000VAC for 1 second

- Insulation control: >1 MΩ under 500VDC

- Ground continuity control:  maximum threshold. depending on the drivers used. Measuring current: Between 200mA and 10A, higher measurement currents increase the measurement accuracy. Measuring voltage: 24VAC or DC max. 

I cannot remember the password of  my SEFELEC 5x., how can I fix it?

As mentioned in the manual (V 1.07) for your device in paragraph 6.6.3 available in the download section of this website:

If the password is forgotten, it can be reset by following the following procedure:

Send an email to servicesefelec@eaton.com indicating:
- the device model (e.g.: Sefelec 56-H, etc.)
- the serial number of the device accessible in the menu:
+ Serial number: 2149463
- your name
- the name of your company
- your phone number.

Upon receipt of your message and within 48 working hours, you will receive a code allowing you to reset your password.

• What is the recommended periodic check frequency for a SEFELEC device?

The devices designed and proposed by SEFELEC are intended to carry out precise and/or sensitive measurements, related to the quality and safety of the products tested.

The recommended period is 1 year. This can be longer or shorter. Some productions require a daily check of the testers using display boxes or simulation. Calibration or verification validating the previous use of a test and measurement means, the greater the periodicity, the greater the risk of being the number of products recalled in case of a drift.

• What is the difference between the real current and the total current measured by the SEFELEC 5x?

The real current measured represents the resistive current passing through the tested sample. The total current includes the measured resistive and capacitive currents.

These measures are explained in an application note available in the download section.


• What are the minimum PC requirements for Winpass?  On which OS can I install Winpass 5000 or Winpass MX software?

Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows® 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) / 2 GB RAM / I3 processor / 32-bit Video, 60 hertz, 1280×1024 resolution / Ethernet port / DVD player or USB port for software installation.

• At the first launch the Winpass software asks me for a username and password, what should I enter?

You can enter the username "demo" without a password. This login opens administrator rights that will then allow you to create other user accounts with more or less extensive rights, at your convenience.

• How do I get the Winpass 5000 control software manuals?

The manual of the basic Winpass 5000 software is available on this site in the download section. It is also copied to your hard disk, during the installation of Winpass, in the software directory "references"

• How do I connect and control a device via the Winpass 5000 software?

It is necessary to connect directly to pc and tester by means of the crossed and shielded FTP cable supplied with the device.

Although the general rules for LAN networks are applicable, it is strongly recommended to follow the instructions in the "quick start" manual, delivered with your tester, on page 31.

• The Winpass software refuses to connect to the trial medium?

Verify that the tester is powered on and connected to the control PC. Check the setting of the communication ports dedicated to the test medium. See the "Quick Start" leaflet, delivered with your tester, on page 31 for more information.

• Winpass software refuses to start?

Verify the correct installation of the software, if necessary, perform a reinstallation.

• The Winpass software refuses to run a test program?

Verify the compliant and complete connection to the test medium. Check the integrity of the program or test sequence (compilation)