Cables & Harnesses


Electrical wiring harnesses or harnesses represent the central system of many devices and equipment such as:


  • automobile
  • the train
  • airplanes and spacecraft
  • helicopters
  • military equipment


Pour les faisceaux, harnais et cartes de fonds de paniers en production, nos testeurs
SYNOR 5000 permettent de réaliser des tests de continuité à 2 et 4 fils, d’isolement
jusqu‘à 5 GΩ , de rigidité jusqu’à 5 kVAC et 6 kVDC, ainsi que le test de composants et des
tests fonctionnels avec stimuli intégrés. Notre plateforme logicielle Winpass 5000 permet
d’effectuer des tests simples ou complexes grâce à la gestion de projets.

For harnesses, harnesses and baskets in production, our SYNOR 5000 testers can perform 2 and 4 wire continuity tests, insulation up to 5 GΩ, stiffness up to 5 kVAC and 6 kVDC , as well as component testing and functional testing with built-in stimuli. Our Winpass 5000 software platform allows you to perform simple or complex tests through project management.

The SYNOR products available according to your needs are as follows:

• SYNOR 5000-P  Compact and transportable, which can operate without a PC.

• SYNOR 5000-H  for industrial applications. Transportable and expandable.

• SYNOR 5000-D For field or on-board applications. Expandable.

• SYNOR 5000-C  19 ”cabinet for large volumes of test points.