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Presentation of Our Prestigious Digital Agencies

Founded in the late 90s, GoldenMarket and Agenceweb, established in 2000, stand out as renowned agencies specializing in the creation of high-end websites. These prominent Parisian web agencies have been assisting their clients for nearly two decades in creating profitable websites, as well as in their natural or paid search engine optimization.

Website Design is an online catalog with an online quote request feature. This website was created by our web and digital agencies in three different languages, with an original product presentation module categorized according to the client's needs. Finally, this site has an RMA module for optimizing and managing after-sales service flows. To achieve this goal, we followed GoldenMarket's proven methodology, including the following steps:

  1. -In-depth analysis of web marketing for SEO.
  2. -Optimization of the site's ergonomics.
  3. -Creation of a professional web graphic charter.
  4. -Design and development of the site using the WordPress CMS.
  5. -Web marketing advice and digital training.
  6. -High-quality hosting with dedicated server management and regular backups.
  7. -Continuous site maintenance, including updates, functional tests, and 24/7 cybersecurity support.

Web Marketing Analysis for SEO - Step 1

To ensure search engine optimization, a thorough analysis of web marketing was conducted, encompassing competitor analysis, keyword strategy, and site structure. At this crucial phase, our goal was to identify keywords and phrases that would allow our client to position themselves effectively and attract qualified traffic to their site. Natural SEO remains a historical specialty of our agency, operating on performance-based payment models, thus establishing a win-win partnership. Additionally, we integrated an intelligent contextual link generation tool developed by, an agency specializing in SEO.

Ergonomics Optimization - Step 2

Following the establishment of the hierarchy, identification of necessary features, and discussions with the client to understand their expectations, we proceeded to optimize the site's ergonomics. This key step includes strategic considerations related to natural SEO, the conversion tunnel, and the module dedicated to renovation projects. At this stage, the site's navigation was meticulously designed, facilitated by the module allowing automated page creation and categorization into major sections.

Web Graphic Charter - Step 3

Once the website's ergonomics were clearly defined, a professional and customized web graphic charter was developed. This charter, in perfect harmony with the client's expectations, industry standards, and the strategic development axes they wished to promote, meets the specific constraints of the project and web standards.

Design and Development - Step 4

This step marks the realization of the site through the development of all designed elements. In this context, the WordPress CMS was selected and customized with CSS by our digital agency. For this high-end site, each page benefited from a custom design, demonstrating our commitment to visual appeal.

Digital Advice and Training - Step 5

Our digital agency offers advice to clients through various services, including web marketing. The goal is to assist our clients in their electronic marketing strategy, thus improving the overall quality of the online customer experience and promoting a better conversion rate of "traffic" to "qualified leads." Find detailed information about our consulting services on the specialized digital strategy consulting website "" dedicated to business and digital strategy.

Regarding training, we offer group and individual training sessions, tailored to the level and preferences of each participant. Poly-formation, a training center dedicated to digital training and web marketing training for 20 years, is the brand owned by

Website Hosting - Step 6

Our digital agency,, offers high-end hosting, including the management of our own servers on our infrastructure, physically managed by OVH in their Data Center in Roubaix. Our service guarantees a maximum of 15 websites per dedicated server, suitable for low-traffic volume sites. With servers in Germany more than 100 km from Roubaix, we ensure backups over a rolling 30-day period on another server in a distant data center. The availability of our services 7/7, from 7 am to 11 pm, reinforces the loyalty of our clients for over 20 years, emphasizing a quality customer relationship.

Website Maintenance - Step 7

Our sites undergo regular updates and tests to ensure their proper functioning. We frequently check antivirus software and provide a system administrator and a cybersecurity expert, ensuring 24/7 support to address questions and ensure the site's security.

Web Marketing Consulting and Training

Our agencies also offer web marketing consulting services, including conversion rate improvement, A/B testing, and e-business. Find detailed information on our specialized digital consulting website: "" As a certified training center, we offer training on topics such as WordPress, SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords.

Showcase Website Creation

Do you have a slightly limited budget? Are you looking for a site with professional graphic design but without custom development? At, we design showcase websites on WordPress or WIX, optimized for natural SEO. We create layouts tailored to all needs.

E-Commerce Website Creation

In terms of e-commerce websites, recommends using Prestashop. This CMS offers the advantage of providing all the basic features of an online store. Whether it's a professional or custom charter, we present all the solutions to have a site that meets your expectations, all within a minimum budget!

Custom Website Creation

In addition to using CMS, our agencies offer the possibility of designing professional custom sites using Symphony. The custom approach will allow you to stand out from your competitors. Our goal is, of course, to create a scalable professional website that perfectly matches the client's wishes.