Hipot Testers PREMIER 2801

HIPOT Tester
5kVA AC 200VA
Matrix display and keys control

Description of hipot testers premier 2801

Poste de rigidité<BR>
▪ Tension d'essai jusqu'à 5 kV AC<BR>
▪ RS232 et USB en standard<BR>
▪ Sortie contacts secs pour start/stop et résultats de tests <BR>
▪ Dédié aux utilisations R&D ou production de petites série <BR>
▪ Facile à utiliser<BR>

▪ Test voltage 5 kV AC

▪ RS232 & USB as standard

▪ Relay contacts for start/stop operation, test status and results

▪ Designed for R&D occasional use or for small series production lines benches

Dedicated for use in research and development for validation of components or insulators, as well as for the production of small series, the 2800 range is an economical solution offering the basic functions of a dielectric strength station.

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