Hipot Testers DT

High voltage and high power hipot testers
from 3 kV à 400 kV

Description of hipot testers dt


These stations meet the IEC60 standard relating to high voltage testing techniques. Electrical Hipot testers must be able to deliver large short circuit currents

The DT range brings together medium and high power testers designed according to your needs.
These exist in different versions, controlled by a PLC or manually, for test voltages in alternating and / or direct current.


Depending on your needs and the power requested, it can be in a rack, in a bench, in a cabinet, with a remote control panel, integrated or remote transformer (in a test safety enclosure for example) to allow you to meet the various international standards. testing and safety during these tests.
These testers are used in research laboratories, on production lines, for testing cables, capacitors, motors, electrical modules, switches, busbars, insulating materials, fuses, relays, connectors, transformers. .. according to the IEC 60060 test standard.

Documentation of hipot testers dt

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