Dielectrimeters sefelec 506-d

Dielectrimeter 500VA: Hipot Test 5kVA AC - 6kV DC & Insulation 20 to 1000V - 200 GOhms
Touch Screen
Fully compliant to IEC 61010-2-34

Description of dielectrimeters sefelec 506-d

  • Dielectric strength up to 5kVAC 500VA or 6kVDC
  • Insulation measurement up to 2TΩ at 1000 VDC
  • Adjustable voltage from 10 to 1000 VDC by steps of 1V
  • Programmable test ramps : Up, Steady, Down
  • Multi-ramps mode (hipot test)
  • 7” TFT Multi touchscreen 16 million colors for programming, tests and results display
  • ARM-Dual core control & Nand 3D technologies inside for more accuracy, stability and repeatability
  • DSPs speeds up measurements and production tests
  • Large internal memory for configurations and test results storage
  • IEC 61010-2-034 full compliance, specific safety standard for insulation and dielectric strength meters

The SEFELEC 506-D is the new generation EATON dielectric meter (hipot and insulation test) based and controlled by ARM-Dual Core and DSP technologies providing the best stability and repeatability.
The high accuracy and measurement speed are suitable for quality control or incoming inspection departments. The sequence mode makes the SEFELEC 56-D easier to use and integrate in a control or a test-bench.
The new SEFELEC Series HMI, with its 7” dual-touch TFT screen, offers simple and intuitive operations. Ports Ethernet / RS232 / USB / PLC 

  • Interface IEEE488-2 en option
  • Double safety loop SIL2
  • Automatic or manual measurment range
  • Sequence mode to combine several different tests
  • 19" rackmount capability

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