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Safety enclosure for 15KV HV tests - Small size.
Internal dimensions : Height: 212 mm x Width: 390 mm x Depth: 424 mm

in addition to SELELEC 5x, RMG and SYNOR, this enclosure is designed to perform HV tests safely.

Description of other products ca001

15KV safety enclosure for HV tests. Small size.

Complementary to the SELELEC 5x, RMG and SYNOR testers, this enclosure allows high-voltage tests to be carried out without risk.

Internal dimensions: Height: 212 mm x Width: 390 mm x Depth: 424 mm
External dimensions: Height: 345,50 mm x Width: 430 mm x Depth: 465 mm

HV adapter cable (depending on the generator) and 2 outputs (one ground terminal and 1 HV terminal) 4 mm diameter plug inside the enclosure for the connection to the D.U.T..

Safety interlock circuit and door locking by 24V contactor.

This safety enclosure can be connected to different HV generators or cable testers.

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