Cable testers SYNOR 5000-P

Compact high voltage cable tester

Description of cable testers synor 5000-p

The portable tester is presented in a box limited to 384 points at 500VDC (3 switching cards max). It is expandable up to 100,000 points and supports all the options of the range but in limited quantities. The PC is never integrated Product details: Presentation: - Measurement unit (3U height) Including: - Central unit (generation and measurement) - Start / stop and emergency stop - Continuity of 2 & 4 wires, resistance of 2 & 4 wires, 2 & 4 wire diode, measurements (resistance, diode, capacitor in DC) - DC dielectric strength + insulation (if SY5000-HVDC option ordered) - AC dielectric strength (if SY5000-HVAC option ordered) - Winpass5000 software l - 1 contact probe - 1 19-inch rack

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