Les câbles électriques sont soumis à des essais de sécurité électrique, de performance et
d’endurance, selon les normes internationales : continuité, isolement et rigidité diélectrique.
EATON offre une gamme complète d’appareils répondant aux exigeances de nos clients

The electrical cables are subjected to electrical safety, performance and endurance tests, according to international standards: continuity, insulation and dielectric strength.EATON offers a complete range of devices that meet the requirements of our cable-laying customers.

Test de cables

DT series High voltage electrical strength stations up to 400 kVAC and/or DC for the endurance and aging tests.

Sefelec 1500M Precision Tera-Ohmmeter / Pico-Ammeter, 1500 V / 2000 TΩ offering stable and repeatable measurements with intuitive user interface.

HV supplies direct current high stability regulated power supplies from 15 W to 15 kW, voltages from 0.5 to 500 kVDC and current from 0 to 3 A.

MGR10 High-precision digital Micro-Ohmmeter, current up to 10 A.

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