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Leader in the field of safety tester and cable tester Leader in the field of safety tester and cable tester Leader in the field of safety tester and cable tester Leader in the field of safety tester and cable tester Technical articles : electrical safety testing Leader in the field of safety tester and cable tester Leader in the field of safety tester and cable tester


Sefelec is :
> 1 ISO9001-2008 certified production site
> 2 Sales locations in France
> Contacts Export Department & Marketing
> 3 High-performing after sales services
> 1 German subsidiary
> 32 Agents throughout the world

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Founded in 1965, Sefelec is a reference in the field of electrical safety testing (ground bond testing, insulation resistance testing, hipot testing, line leakage testing) and cable testing, harness testing, backplane testing, in its own right; the name Sefelec on our products stands for innovation, quality and service.

Founded in 1971, Synor Electronique has been developing a wide range of Cable Testers.
In 2001,Sefelec acquires Synor Electronique, in order to get an exclusive position on French market and consolidate its presence on the worldwide business.

In 2009, Sefelec acquires Semelec, an ISO17025 Metrology and Service company, in order to complete his service offer.

In July 2011, Sefelec is integrated into Cooper Industries Group.

In 2013, Sefelec is integrated into Eaton Group

1 ISO9001 V2008 certified production site
The research, development and manufacturing of the measurement instruments, test systems and high voltage power supplies all takes place on an ISO 9001 certified site of 1200 square meters in Lognes, close to Marnes La Vallée at 15 km to the east of Paris. All our products are CE marked for EMC and Low Voltage Directives.
Working to these standards, this approach highly motivates the competence of the company, and this is motivated by the constant cooperation of the Sefelec team striding to improve their performance.
Sefelec rigorously aim to maintain the high standards that the ISO9001-2008 requires, it is Sefelec aim to achieve all aspects of the standards to maximize our service and reliability to our customers. This certification is the reward of our efforts and hard work to prove our aim for the progress of our service and satisfaction to our customers.

Two sales locations in France
In order to cover the territory, Sefelec is based in the regions near the big economic activity with two agencies : one in the area of Lyon-Marseille ; one in the area of Bordeaux-Toulouse.

Our technical sales engineers are there for our customers in order to meet their needs and bring them the most economical and comprehensive solution on technical and price aspects.

>> Sefelec South East
+33 (0)4 74 60 79 78
+33 (0)6 07 09 01 88

>> Sefelec South West
+33 (0)5 56 80 53 22
+33 (0)6 07 09 01 92
>> Sefelec RP, North & North East
Jean-Pierre ANTUNEZ
+33 (0)1 64 11 29 96
+33 (0)6 84 32 76 21
michelronger@eaton.com laurentdelpech@eaton.com jean-pierreantunez@eaton.com


Contacts Export Department & Marketing

Export Sales & Marketing Manager
+33 (0)1 64 11 29 99

  Sandrine LEOVILLE
Export sales & Marketing Assistant
+33 (0)1 64 11 83 60
thierrymazeran@eaton.com   sandrineleoville@eaton.com

3 high-performing after sales services

We have Service Department both in Paris - France, and in Germany. This offers a full comprehensive service from repair to calibration, but also can do on site maintenance contracts for all our ranges of products, including hipot testers, high voltage power supplies, megohmmeters, milliohmmeters, cable testers and harness testers. Those services allow us to deliver X07-011 data measurement and X07-012 conformity certifications, traceability to national official laboratories standards.
To complete our site in Paris, another after sales service is based next to Toulouse in order to be closer to our customers and more reactive in the south of France.
In addition, an after sales service has been created in our German subsidiary, Sefelec GmbH, in Achern, and our thirty two agents covering the five continents and are able to provide similar services after comprehensive training on our French site. This allows Sefelec worldwide to provide the best response time and a first class service for our customers.

Contacts Service Department

Team Manager of the Service Department
+33 (0)1 64 11 83 49

Service Department Assistant
+33 (0)1 64 11 83 48
cedricoriente@eaton.com   tianarazafin@eaton.com

1 subsidiary in Germany
Sefelec GmbH, our german subsidiray situated in Achern, was created in 1989 in order to answer to an increasing local demand for safety testing / cable testing business and after sales service. Click on the German flag above to get more information.

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